Sawed Off (2022)

Marjorie (Eva Hamilton, Ruin Me) was once with Jon (Jody Barton, Ugly Sweater Party) and maybe even had a thing with his hunting partner Frank (Trae Ireland). Now, they find themselves on cursed land and end up killing one another again and again.

Written by director Hunter Johnson, Barton and Chuck Wagner, who originally published this story in the comic book Tales of Terror in 1986 as “Bag Limit,” Sawed Off is a cabin in the woods movie in debt to best of the form, The Evil Dead, but for its budget it looks good and has some fun practical gore.

There’s a great idea in the script, as often friends for life wish they could kill one another at times. Throw in the wrong — or right — girl and a curse and the woods and things can’t help but get messy.

I don’t know who wants to hunt. You have to get up early, spend all morning in the freezing woods and from what I’ve learned in this movie, you have to see your ex and then get shot and stabbed by your best friend while trees attack you. I think I’ll just stay under the covers and watch more movies.

That said, this one is pretty fun.

Sawed Off is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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