FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Unidentified (2022)

Thirty years ago, a spherical UFO appeared in the sky above several cities on Earth and then remained there, just floating. Some believe that the aliens that piloted them now live amongst us, which leads to unrest and outright violence among the inhabitants of Earth.

Directed and writer Jude Chun has created a series of vignettes that all add up to show us what this would be like and how it would feel to live on this version of our world. It seems like in this reality, everyone, no matter there they come from, has become an alien. Anyone younger than 29 is immediately considered by many to be an alien, even if they are from here all along.

Not all of the parts of this add up, but for those that do, it’s an incredible experience. Just the sight of those ships floating above cities is unnerving. I can’t imagine living in their shadow.


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