FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Give Me An A (2022)

In just two months after the announcement that Roe vs. Wade would be overturned, a group of female filmmakers gathered to create this anthology of short films. They are:

Hold Please: director Hannah Alline and writer Savannah Rose Scaffe

God’s Plan: director and writer Avital Ash

DTF: Director Bonnie Discepolo who co-wrote this short with Trevor Munson

The Last Store: Director and writer Loren Escandon

Crucible Island: Director Valerie Finkel and writers Laura Covelli and Danielle Aufiero

Abigail; The Cheerleaders: Director and writer Natasha Halevi

Sweetie: Director Caitlin Josephine Hargraves and writer Madison Hetfield

Good Girl: Director Danin Jacquay, who wrote this with Matthew Vorce

The Walk: Director and writer Sarah Kopkin

Traditional: Director Francesca Maldonado and writer Lexx Fusco

Vasectopia: Director Kelly Nygaard and writer Natasha Halevi

Plan C: Director and writer Megan Rosati

Crone: Director and writer Mary C. Russell

mediEVIL: Director Monica Suriyage and writers Rowan Fitzgibbon and Lexx Fusco

The Voiceless: Director and writer Megan Swertlow

Our Precious Babies: Director Erica Mary Wright and writer Anne Bond

There’s also plenty of talent on hand, including Alyssa Milano, Milana Vayntrub, Virginia Madson, Gina Tores, Jennifer Holland, Sean Gunn, Molly C. Quinn and many more.

Much like so many modern horror anthologies, this is somewhat of a mixed bag, but with its cause it nearly is critic proof. I did like the entry about sex contracts and in no way was I bored. But don’t go in expecting Amicus. Do expect to get upset. Instead of posting about it, do something about it.

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