SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Deadstream (2022)

Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter, who also co-directed and co-write this with Vanessa Winter) is a disgraced internet streamer and influencer infamous for stunts like the Baby Moses challenge, in which he goes down a river in a basket, and the video that got him in trouble as he abuses a homeless person. To win back his fans, he has decided to go one on one with his greatest fear: ghosts.

I’ve gone on record about how much I hate found footage movies, but this just works. I love all the extra jokes that come across from the fans watching the live stream as well as how absolutely wild it all gets, with Winter enduring near-Bruce Campbell levels of abusive stuntwork. He’s joined by one of his fans Chrissy (Melaine Stone), who gets to see her idol pretty much act like a frightened child for the rest of the film.

An actual haunted house in Utah was used to recreate the cursed home of suicide victim poet Mildred Pratt which his new sponsors tell him is the most haunted place in all of America. Of course Shawn never really stops being a jerk and angers the spirit of Pratt, leading to him running through room after room filled with so many intense terrors.

Seriously, between all the jump scares and Twitch stream camera I should hate every minute of this, but that should tell you how good it is. No other horror movie this year has actually frightened me — while also making me laugh out loud — more than this movie. In spite of having bits of everything I usually hate, Deadstream is so good that it has my highest recommendation.

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