FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Metal Detector Maniac (2021)

Matt Farley and Tom Scalzo, played by Matt Farley and Tom Scalzo, are music professors currently on sabbatical working on an album of music by their band Moes Haven that will be based on whatever happens in their lives. Currently, that seems like it’s going to be them playing basketball all day. But that’s before they get a nemesis, a metal detector, well, maniac.

Sure, the guys just get a bad feeling about him, but what if they aren’t safe? What if he can get into their homes? What if there are unsolved crimes that he may have committed? And what if they become so obsessed, recording an entire album about their enemy that proves that they have grown mutually haunted by one another?

This movie just flows and feels like a total hang out with two friends who love recording songs just as much as they do escaping the world of being grown-ups. Just as many people love them as are annoyed by them, but when you have a man who can find lost medallions and writes poetry that mentions his hatred of you, well, anything can happen.

And what’s the deal with those missing feisty twins?

Your bedroom community is also filled with this same kind of evil. You just need to take a sabbatical too.

Metal Detector Maniac is playing as part of the Burnt Ends part of Fantastic Fest. This is part of Molten Media, which has produced independent feature films since the late 1990s. According to Fantastic Fest, “the idiosyncratic cinema of Charles Roxburgh and Matt Farley pay homage to the regional low budget horror films of the late 1970s and early 1980s as they unravel bizarre tales set in and around lightly-fictionalized small New England towns. Akin to the manner in which John Waters and Kevin Smith cultivated their cult universes out of tight-knit communities of vivid personalities, Charlie and Farley’s films imagine a unique portrait of Americana as they recruit an eccentric ensemble of folksy friends and family to endearingly perform the offbeat vernaculars and campy melodrama of their wittily verbose scripts.”

Fantastic Fest Burnt Ends has awarded the filmmakers with the first annual Golden Spatula in recognition of their creative spirit, and a partial retrospective of their inventive catalog which includes Local Legends, Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You and the world premiere of a special 2k restoration of their autumnal slasher Freaky Farley as well as more contemporary works which pursue a distinct, but just as wonderfully eclectic and wry comic sensibility.

You can get a virtual badge here.

You can also buy this on blu ray from Gold Ninja Video.

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