FANTASTIC FEST 2022: Everyone Will Burn (2021)

María José’s (an incredible performance by Macarena Gómez) life has fallen apart. Nearly everyone in the small town of Leon, Spain could care less about the suicide of her bullied son years before. As she prepares to jump off a ridge, Lucía appears. She’s a strange little girl who might just be the prophecy of a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse come true. Whoever she is, she holds hope for María José, who is now savoring the chance to be a mother again and, well, take horrific revenge on everyone that hurt her or her son.

Imagine if everyone that was wrong in a small town finally had to confront the wrath of God — or Satan — and the corrupt cops were set ablaze, the ineffectual church was decimated and the gossips were torn asunder. Imagine no longer, because this film is a delirious blast of red-hued style and violence.

Director David Hebrero, who wrote this film with Javier Kiran, this movie may not be set in America, but it reminds me of the small-town hypocrisy that I grew up in and takes things beyond that into its own out-of-reality world. This is Hebero’s second movie, which is quite frankly mind-blowing because this movie is absolutely overloaded with style, substance and just plain greatness.

Lucía (Sofía García) is Damian Thorn as protagonist instead of antagonist. That’s a bold step to take and this movie just keeps making bigger leaps throughout, starting with an astounding “Wish You Were Here”  inspired visual and then just getting even stranger from there. Consider this my highest recommendation.

Don’t leave at the end. Sure, we’re all conditioned to stay through the credits for surprises, but this time the wait pays off.

If you’re attending Fantastic Fest in person, Everyone Will Burn will play at the following times:

Fri, Sep 23rd, 11:55 PM @ Theater 9
Tue, Sep 27th, 11:35 AM @ Theater 1
Tue, Sep 27th, 11:35 AM @ Theater 2

You can also get a virtual badge here.

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