SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Raven’s Hollow (2022)

Directed by Christopher Hatton, who co-wrote this with Chuck Reeves, Raven’s Hollow is about five West Point cadets finding the body of a dying man in a town where no one seems to care and even worse, may take all of their lives. Also: one of them is Edgar Allan Poe (William Moseley, Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia series).

Between a demonic raven, a tell-tale heart and a man named Usher, this has tons of Poe references, as well as some good gore and a fun monster. I like the idea of Poe trying to solve this mystery, even if it feels a lot like Sleepy Hollow. The town of Raven’s Hollow is a lot deadlier, however. There’s a well shot opening of a girl being followed through the woods by an entity, an awesome scare when the dead body awakens to say the word “Raven” and even a little bit of doomed romance.

The real Poe disliked being in the army so much that he got himself court-martialed.


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