SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: The Sadness (2021)

I read a review where someone said that this movie was “morally repugnant” and that made me like it more. This is one of the few movies I’ve seen in the last few years that upset me, as it has some moments that are just overwhelming in their bloody fervor.

It’s funny though that in the rush to heap praise on this movie that no one says that it outright rips off the comic book Crossed to the point that I thought that this was an official adaption. Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows had been trying to sell a movie of their comic for some years and well, who wants to buy a movie that has already been made?

But what is in here — sorry, I just want to go back for a second and say that nose eating scene is literally panel for shot taken from Crossed — proves that director and writer Rob Jabbaz can create something brutal and horrific.

The Alvin virus has mutated and connects the part of the brain that enjoys sexual pleasure with the one that is aggressive. Those that have the disease have black eyes and are devoted to acts of erotic murder.

Jim and Kat become separated as the virus gets out of control and fight to get back across town to one another. Nothing works out. She comes across an obsessed businessman who is devoted to assaulting her once he becomes infected; there’s also a doctor who explains the virus and seems helpful yet he has an entire garbage bag full of dead babies.

I kind of hate that this movie was funded with a mixture of cryptocurrency and revenue from a producer’s cam girl business, but I do enjoy that it’s nearly all practical effects. It feels like a movie that watched Dawn of the Dead and said, “What if that movie had more fucking?” Well, it’d be called Shivers, but you get my point.

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