TUBU EXCLUSIVE: TMZ No BS Britney Spears (2022)

TMZ has launched a new series on Tubi called No BS in which they’ll present stories of some of the biggest names in pop culture.

Hosted by Harvey Levin, Charles Latibeaudiere and guest TMZ contributors, the docuseries will feature never-before-seen stories and fresh reporting that provides an eye-opening look at people who have been widely covered but never really understood, including Jennifer Lopez, Conor McGregor and Wildest Celebrity Arrests.

Ther is this moment in Popstar where Will Arnett, Eric Andre and Chelsea Peretti do a more than perfect scene of TMZ reporters laughing at celebrities while realizing that they have no lives, all while Andre’s cup keeps getting bigger. It makes me laugh every single time, but worse, it’s ruined every single time that I watch TMZ reports, because it was so true that the parody has surplanted reality.

I find it very strange that everyone on this show is so on Britney’s side when they’ve spent years contributing to her declining mental health. It really made watching this a bit strange if not upsetting. I mean, I’m not blameless, I’ve been reading the National Enquirer since Elvis died, but I’d like to think that I’m not one of the people chasing celebrities to their mental breakdowns.

But yeah — if you like TMZ and you think their shtick isn’t disingenuous, well, there’s this. I mean, it totally is disingenuous but here it still is.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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