Something In the Woods (2022)

Nora Thompson (Nicole Cinaglia) has become an overnight celebrity when she reports on Senator Morrison’s illegal activities, causing him to kill himself. His daughter Carolyn (Vienna Hayden) responds by kidnapping her and taking her deep into the woods, but now thee enemies must work together to survive because they’re not alone.

Of course, Carolyn was hoping for a The Most Dangerous Game situation, but instead they’re both on the run from a creature. Well, they’re also still arguing despite this supernatural beast hunting them. The majority of the movie uses POV for the monster, which is smart, because it doesn’t look all that frightening when we finally see it.

Director Alexander T. Hwang (Lilith) and writer Deanna Gomez — who worked on the short Ravening Woods together with Cinaglia and Hayden playing the same roles* — try to make this a story about the news media in parts and in others, try and get some scares. The end at least has a nice drone shot that pulls above the screaming survivor.

It’s also another movie that presents two horrible people and asks us to choose which one to cheer for. As always, I am on the side of the monster.

*IMDB lists it as a short but for all I know, it could have two entries for the same film.

Something In the Woods is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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