Margaux (2022)

“What Margaux wants, she gets. As a group of seniors celebrates their final college days at a smart house, the house’s highly advanced Artificial Intelligence system, called “Margaux”, begins to take on a deadly presence of her own. A carefree weekend of partying turns into a dystopian nightmare as they realize Margaux’s plans to eliminate her tenants one way or another. Time begins to run out as they desperately try to survive and outsmart the smart home.”

I mean, when you read a sell like that, don’t you want to see it? I mean, a house as the slasher? Right?

Director Steven C. Miller hasn’t really made much horror, but is best known for action movies like The Aggression Scale, Submerged, Extraction, Marauders, Arsenal, First KillLine of Duty and Escape Plan 2: Hades. Then again, he did the remake of Silent Night. The screenplay was written by Chris Beyrooty, Chris Sivertson (the director of I Know Who Killed Me!) and Nick Waters.

There’s a gorgeous cast — Lochlyn Munro (Hal Cooper from Riverdale and Greg from Scary Movie, which definitely prepped him for this), Richard Harmon (The 100), Madison Pettis (who was in one of the American Pie spin-offs, Girl’s Rules), Vanessa Morgan (who was also on Riverdale as Tina Topaz), Jedidiah Goodacre (Dorian Gray from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Phoebe Miu (Jessica on Riverdale) — who find themselves battling Margaux which can possess people as well as activate Doc Ock looking robotic arms and all manner of traps within the home.

Look, I’m going to love any movie that starts with a man’s head violently exploding in the face of his girlfriend, showering her in chunks and blood. Maybe the rest of the film doesn’t live up to that quite literally in your face — in her face? — ending, but if you liked the 90s and 00s trend of slashers that put pretty WB teens against killers, well…this is definitely for you.

Margaux is available on digital from Paramount.

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