MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Paranormal Highway (2022)

There are places right here in America known for mysterious and unexplained phenomena, creating what are called paranormal hotspots. In this series, five of those places are explored to determine if the team on can verify at least four kinds of occurrences of paranormal phenomena: things that can’t be explained by the scientific world of ordinary space/ time, objects and singular causes and effects. 

Episodes include:

The Paranormal Northwest: Following the trail of Bigfoot and related unexplained events.

Ghosts and UFOs: The northern Front Range of Colorado and the surrounding abandoned mining towns are packed with ghosts, apparitions and strange moving objects.

The Impossible in the Ouachitas: What haunts the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Arkansas?

Hauntings and Apparitions: Is Cheyenne, Wyoming the most haunted city in the United States?

Beast of Bray Road and Bigfoot: Bigfoot researcher Jay Bachochin takes the team to a Bigfoot hotspot as they search for The Beast of Bray Road.

As a bonus, this disk also contains Alien Contact in the Rockies, in which researchers explain the mounting evidence that Bigfoot is either paraphysical or alien. As the filmmakers visit the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, they have dramatic, unexpected interactions with supernatural beings and some strange creatures that emerge from a portal.

If you love the unknown and want to watch people come face to face with it, this set of stories will definitely be a great destination for you. I am kind of obsessed with Bigfoot and UFO docs, so no matter how ridiculous they get, I always am entertained. Whether you believe or don’t, you may also find the same entertainment value in this value-packed box set.

You can get the Mill Creek release of Paranormal Highway at Deep Discount.

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