Maneater (2022)

I’ve seen enough shark movies to never ever want to be on the open waters. So when a new one comes out, much less one with Trace Adkins and Jeff Fahey, I feel like I am bound by law to watch it.

After getting dumped before the wedding. Jessie (Nicky Whelan) takes her friends Will (Shane West), Sunny (Porscha Coleman) and Brianna (Kelly Lynn Reiter) on the honeymoon she’s already paid for. So where does Trace Adkins come in? Well, he’s Harlan, a man no one will listen to, as he tries convincing the law and Professor Hoffman (Fahey) that a great white killed his daughter. So he does what you or I would do: he grabs a shotgun and takes off in his boat to shoot a shark in the face.

Spoiler warning: he does it.

Director and writer Justin Lee also made Big LegendFinal KillHellblazer and his next movie will be The Most Dangerous Game, which has Casper Van Dien as Baron Von Wolf and man, that’s enough for me. I’ll watch it just for that.

As for Maneater, it has a CGI shark but some decent practical gore. And you know, Trace Adkins grim faced and unloading a bunch of shells into a big fish and while he sang “You’re Gonna Miss This” he doesn’t. I mean, it’s an astounding scene and I was sure there’d be another shark or it would rise back up but nope. That shark stands no chance at all.

I mean, you can still watch it.

Maybe you should watch it, just for that.

Maneater is available on digital and VOD from Saban Films.

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