The Andy Baker Tape (2021)

In October of 2020, food blogger Jeff Blake and his half-brother Andy went on a food tour that had the potential to change their lives.

They were never seen again.

This movie is the footage of their trip.

Bret Lada, who plays Jeff, directed and co-write the film with Dustin Fontaine, who plays Andy. Fontaine summed the film up in a very funny way: “Created by a displaced screen actor, an out-of-work Blue Man, an Australian-based sound engineer, and a first-time female producer; this film is a testament to creation and keeping the artistic spirit alive while the rest of the world was forced into hibernation. Our story is a joyride of laughs, thrills and suspense.”

Jeff is close to getting his own show on the Food Network. He’s just learned about Andy thanks to an ancestry web site because his recently deceased father never told him. They hit it off — at first — but as the trip goes on, Andy’s mental problems reveal themselves. The only problem? Jeff has sent the tapes to Food Network, who wants a show, but Andy has to be a part of it. And Andy’s just been abandoned at a hotel, so Jeff has to apologize. But then things get, well, out of hand.

This is a really interesting idea and the found footage style of the movie makes sense, as Jeff films every moment of his life.

The Andy Baker Tape premieres on the Terror Films YouTube channel August 5 before a wide digital release on August 12 and the Kings of Horror on August 19. You can also watch it on Tubi.

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