“Fanga” is the Icelandic for prisoner. And that’s what Belle is, as this is a new take on Beauty and the Beast, but one in which Belle remains trapped in toxic relationships. She’s the only person taking care of her family after the death of her mother. And now, to heal her father, she has become trapped by the Beast, who knows how to heal the sick older man with a rose.

Director and writer Max Gold has created a visually stunning film — credit also due to cinematographer Nico Navia — that updates a classic fairy tale that already has Le Bete and the Disney version burned into the minds of film lovers. It’s definitely a bold take, one that has every frame looking like a work of art, as well as a beast that remains truly horrifying.

I saw Fanga at Popcorn Frights. When there’s a way to watch it outside of fests, I will update this post.

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