I Dream of a Psychopomp (2021)

Kerry (Elohim Peña) can’t get over the death of his wife Evelyn (Kulani Kai)– a death he caused in an accident — and funeral home owner Charles (Steven Alonte) struggles to help him. As he goes to bed that evening, he’s visited by the Psychopomp (Alonte), a spiritual guide who hopes that the three stories he has to tell can guide him to peace and Evelyn’s soul to the next world.

“Spellbound High Monster Hop” is about the young love between Caroline and Lonnie and the devil mask-wearing man who come between them; “Answers” is about a psychic (N. Meridian) being called in to catch a serial killer (Peter Konx) and “Until Forever” is the tale of a vampire (Ben Shaul) tired of being alive and a young girl (Jillian Ebling) who has a fatal disease.

I liked the idea that director Danny Villanueva Jr. and writer J. Anthony Ramos have put together a film that uses the anthology format to deal with issues of death and loss. It’s an interesting take.

I Dream of a Psychopomp is available now on the Terror Films Channel and digital platforms. It will be on the KIngs of Horror Channel on August 26 and you can also watch it on Tubi. To learn more, visit the official web site.

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