POPCORN FRIGHTS: Distress Signals (2022)

After she falls down a steep rock face and gets split up from her friends, Caroline (Christine Nyland) finds herself alone and with a dislocated shoulder. Now, she must make her own path out of the woods.

Beyond acting in this movie, Nyland also co-directed and co-wrote Distress Signals with Terence Krey. They both worked on the movie Unquiet Grave together. Krey also plays James in this film.

The only thing more frightening than being lost alone in nature is being lost with someone you don’t trust. Caroline is already stressed and dealing with an injury; the fact that another person won’t leave her alone — a male someone who has a rifle — certainly doesn’t make having no idea how to get back home any easier.

Distress Signals is a taunt thriller about the limits of survival and if someone can go above and beyond what you expect from them thanks to a life and death situation. If you’re intrigued by man against nature, this is worth a look.

Distress Signals is playing at Popcorn Frights and will be available to watch virtually as part of the festival.

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