POPCORN FRIGHTS: Malibu Horror Story (2021)

In this film from director and writer Scott Slone, a paranormal team has followed the trail of four dead young men who followed a night of partying and taking way too many mushrooms by going into a sacred cave in Malibu — filled with Native American legend — and not coming out alive.

Malibu Horror Story begins as a true crime show, giving the backstory in an intriguing way before going to behind the camera found footage as the team gets to the cave. One of the dead teens came from a family whose land took over from the Native Americans who had lived there for centuries, leading to a shaman seeing to avenge the genocide of his people by conjuring a Skinwalker that is ready to possess and murder anyone who sets foot in the cave.

A movie a decade in the filming, I really liked how this movie uses shifts in media to move the story along and isn’t content to remain all found footage. While I usually dislike this genre of horror, this concept works well for me. While the movie doesn’t break any new ground, it’s well told and if you love shaky cam scares, you’ll probably love it.

Malibu Horror Story is playing at the Popcorn Frights festival and is available to watch digitally during the festival. You can learn more about this film on its official web page.

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