Introspectum Motel (2021)

Phillipe (Marcel Dorian, who also directed and wrote this movie with Amanda Webster and Ian Armer) and his companion, Camille (Gabriella Brinza) have just arrived at a motel on a business trip. But Camille is not truly his, a fact that both will pay for.

That’s because Paul (Joseph Steyne), who works in the hotel, has already been making time with Phillipe’s wife Susan (Michelle J. Wright) and, as coincidence would have it, Paul is the husband of Camille.

This is a movie packed with characters trying to destroy one another when they aren’t making love to one another’s wives, often right in front of each other. The Orpheus Motel is a place that seems conducive to sin, whether it’s in the bed or at knifepoint.

I was pretty surprised not only by the sexual content of this movie, but by the sheer voracity of its profanity. I wasn’t offended — have you seen the aberrant movies that I watch on a daily basis? — but I was genuinely surprised that a movie that came out recently went this far.

That said — this pushes itself toward Cinemax fare — a compliment in my world — while trying unique things with its story, its performances and its camerawork.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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