NORTH BEND FILM FEST: Baby Fever (2022)

Imagine an unholy union between Night of the Creeps and Carrie and you’re getting close to Baby Fever, a short that begins with a young couple making love in a lab amongst the pickled punks and not getting any less gross from that point; a girl gets a full face of vomited blood before the opening title card.

Director and co-writer (with Alex Hartwig) Hannah May Cumming does more with 25 minutes than most horror movies this year will do with 90. This is a cotton candy-hued freakout and I savored every single frame, a film that at once has the drama of teen pregnancy mixed with what we’re really here for, a prom dancefloor filled with killer slugs.

Helena Berens (I Need You Dead!) plays Donna Hartman, a girl who just wants to go all the way with her dumb jock boyfriend. Except that nature — well, perhaps the supernatural — wants to destroy any chance she has of making high school a normal experience. I’ve also never seen anything like the biology class scene in this movie. It’s legitimately one of the grossest and most amazing things I’ve witnessed in years of watching horror.

I want this to be a full movie and I want it on a double feature with Prom Night 2.

I watched this at the North Bend Film Festival, which you can learn more about on their official site. You can also learn more about Baby Fever on its official webpage.

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