Bring Him Back Dead (2022)

A violent gang of crooks gets the word that after a botched heist that they must find and eliminate the man who betrayed them and stole the money.

Louis Mandylor plays Trent, the leader of the gang, Daniel Baldwin is the shady man known as Boothe and Gary Daniels — yes, the direct to video action star! — is as close to a hero — well, maybe not — as this movie gets as Alex, the wheel man upset that a diamond heist has ended up with dead innocent people.

Now the hot-headed Killian (Ryan M. Shaw), the injured Geoff (LeJon Woods), Alex, Zarina (Zhuzha Akova) and Hayden (Chris Torem) head to get their money, but things go even worse from there.

Directed by Mark Savage — who made Painkiller last year — from a script by Ben Demaree and a story by Jeff Miller, this movie takes its low budget and reminds you of the crime and martial arts movies we rented when we could still go to a physical store and get five movies for five dollars.

I’m all for more Gary Daniels. I’ve been a fan since Fist of the North Star.

Bring Him Back Dead is now available on DVD and digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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