Dawn (2022)

I live in the literal boondocks of Western Pennsylvania, so I have no need ever for a rideshare — I can walk to most of the places that I go to in my neighborhood — and if this movie is anything what it’s really like, I’ll keep on moving.

Directed by Nicholas Ryan — this is his first film — and written by Ruder Doupe, Dawson Doupé and Todd Tapper, Dawn is about what happens when Dawn (Jackie Moore) shows up to take Oliver (Jared Cohn) and Anna (Sarah French) somewhere. The real story is that she’s had a plan for the two all along. Once Oliver snaps at her early, you won’t care what happens to him.

As part of my pact with the devil for web traffic, I must watch every Eric Roberts movie, so I was pleased that he was in this and I would continue keeping my soul from the dark one for one more day, while having Michael Paré show up was icing on the infernal cake.

This film is filled with neon hues and takes advantage of the strange distance between driver and rider, as well as the tight quarters of being inside a stranger’s vehicle. The next time I’m tired from walking up the big hills around my house, I’ll just remember that things can be so much scarier. This film is a teachable moment for me.

You can find Dawn on digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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