TUBI EXCLUSIVE: War of the Worlds: Annihilation (2021)

Written by Maximilian Elfeldt (Avengers Grimm: Time Wars) and written by Conor Dowling, this is a movie by The Asylum and if you know what that means, well you know what that means. Now, The Asylum may have already made War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave, but this is not a sequel to those mockbusters.

General Skuller (William Baldwin) is in charge as meteors land on Earth, unleashing a toxic cloud that wipes out nearly every soldier in its path. One of his soldiers, Ashlaya Wellish (Arie Thompson) goes AWOL to rescue her son Lucas (Kennedy Porter) after her husband Jutta (Michael Marcel) is killed. She rescues Lucas and meets up with a doomsday prepper named Tiago (Noel G) and a tense alliance is formed.

There’s also a doctor named Patlin (Rashod Freelove) who saves one of the enemy soldiers who ends up being a female human named Gwen (Emree Franklin). This goes over with the other humans — who have just watched giant walkers destroy so much of their planet — about as well as you think.

Most of this movie feels like it was shot in a warehouse or an office complex with CGI that was sourced from other movies. And I love the sheer anger this movie has engendered on IMDB because soldiers have long hair, beards and unmatching weapons, as if that’s the most unrealistic thing about it. Also, Billy is doing an impression of his brother, which is kind of sad and yet makes me happy in a juxtaposition of pathos and cringe.

This movie is mired in a sea of one star reviews. I mean, it ends with Baldwin commanding a spaceship and attacking a planet. That deserves at least two stars.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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