TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Eradication (2022)

David Baldwin (Harry Aspinwall, who also co-wrote this movie) may have the blood the world needs to solve the unknown disease that has wiped out most of its population over the last two years. Yet when he begins to fear for his wife Samantha’s (Anita Abdinezhad) safety, he breaks quarantine and attempts to save her.

To do so, he destroys the multiple egg timers that keep his days regimented and begins to explore the area around his quarantine cabin. That’s when he encounters the plague-ridden zombies that have taken over the world as well as a mysterious archer who saves his life.

A plague movie may not be what you’re into these days — or hopefully you are — but Eradication is well made despite its low budget. I’d dare say it’s one of the best Tubi originals that have come out so far.

Director Daniel Byers is the director of the environmental film studio Skyship Films, as well as the horror/fantasy genre production company Dark Tower Films which made this movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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