Chattanooga Film Festival: Gateway (2021)

In an abandoned house on an ordinary street, a gang of criminals hide out from a big boss who wants them to either pay up or die. Perhaps this hidden space is the place where they can grow marijuana and pay off their debt. The only problem is that the house may be using them more than they’re using it, as it has a void within it that reaches out to each of them and replays the bad choices that their lives of crime have led to.

From the first frame — a quote by Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian that says “Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.” — Gateway doesn’t seem like the first full-length from director Niall Owen. It has more poise and willingness to slow burn. It’s not a race to jump scares; the human horror at its center is the real star.

The true monster in this movie are the lives and choices within them of each character, moments that while enduring must now be experienced again, old wounds torn apart and not many can survive reliving such experiences.

You can learn more at the official site.

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