009-1: The End of the Beginning (2013)

A live action adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori’s 1967 adult manga — which in turn came from the manga Cyborg 009 — this movie was made to celebrate its creator’s 75th birthday.

Taking place in the year 20XX, Mylene Hoffman is Agent 009-1, constantly battling the Cold War between the Eastern and Western Blocks as part of the Zero Zero Organization. When she loses her license after a mission gone wrong, she must discover her lost memories.

Sure, you’ve seen it all before, but have you seen a secret agent not named Chesty Morgan who has machine guns inside her breasts?

Director Koichi Sakamoto and writer Keiichi Hasegawa have both worked on the Kamen Rider and Ultraman franchises, but this film allows them to go all out with blood — most of it CGI — and suggestive situations. Well, it’s still a soft R-rated film, so don’t expect Naked Killer. I mean, it does have a sapphic BDSM scene where an evil cyborg has her way with the movie’s heroine, so maybe what I find dirty has a design error.

There’s also a 1969 TV series called Flower Action 009/1 and an anime with the same name that was made in 2006.

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