TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Twisted House Sitter (2021)

It’s a total accident that brings Alicia (Crystal-Lee Naomi) into the world of Morgan (Jennifer Freeman), a successful entrepreneur on her way to a retreat where she’s supposed to detox from technology for an entire month. Morgan leaves her keys in the car and Alicia is tempted to live the rich woman’s life for a day. Then a week. And then the trouble starts.

After several days, Morgan’s housekeeper Daya Perez (Suzanne Salhaney) and groundskeeper Charlie (Kareem Lewis)arrives and question who Alicia is. She tells her that she’s the house sitter, which they believe. But after she starts wearing Morgan’s clothes and running up her credit cards, Daya argues with Alicia and ends up going head first into a rock, dying instantly.

After throwing Daya into a river, Alicia takes this whole single black female thing way too far by convincing Morgan’s man Xander (Ali Amin Carter) that he’s been dumped. They hook up, but it’s a small victory as soon, Morgan is back.

Is Alicia ready to go back to basically being homeless? Well, she wouldn’t be in a Tubi movie if she were. She’s the kind of Lifetime — err, Tubi — villainess who may not have the best motivations, but goes extra bonkers and shrugs off corkscrew impalement.

Directly by Courtney Miller (A Stone Cold Christmas) and written by Daniel Whidden, this movie has a cast of people who are all losing it every single moment, as I demand from films such as this. What can we learn from it? Always hold on to your keys, don’t take a rideshare and stay away from cults that hold on to your tech.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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