Maddie (Caitlin Gerard, Insidious: The Last Key, who co-wrote this movie) and her twin sister Abigail (also played by Caitlin Gerard) are the only two people to survive meeting The Mechanic (Kane Hodder, forever Jason, forever awesome). As Maddie wakes from a nightmare of their encounter — filled with blood, scrawled pentagrams and terror — she learns that he’s due to die tonight. Her sister won’t answer the phone and she keeps remembering the night The Mechanic towed her mother along with her and her sister away into the night.

As Maddie explains to her therapist what happened in her past, her sister is breaking into the garage of The Mechanic and having visions of him. Before you know it, people start dying and the sisters are suspects, but the way that movie bounces between today and yesterday, reality and fantasy, it’s often hard to figure out exactly what’s going on.

The idea of a tow truck driver who kills the people he’s supposed to help, much less one that uses the occult to bring the victims who escaped him into his mind, is a great one. If you’re hiring someone to play that killer, Kane Hodder is the perfect person. And that’s where the movie runs out of gas, sadly, when it’s where it should get started.

I’ve watched hundreds of giallo movies and if I say something is an incoherent mess, this is coming from someone that usually celebrates incoherent messes.

Director Vanessa Alexander has only made this one movie, which was written by Jesse Mittelstadt (Across the HallNo Escape Room). There’s something in here, buried deep, and there’s definitely some style in the way that cinematographers Chris Faulisi and Pedja Radenkovic (who also shot Danzig’s Death Rider In the House of Vampires) have filmed this. It just needs to get the flashbacks, well, flashed back and move on to the actual story, in the actual timeline, and get out of its own way.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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