On the 3rd Day (2021)

Cecilia (Mariana Anghileri) has had a car accident — colliding with Enrique (Gerardo Romano) who is delivering a mysterious package — and even three days afterward, she finds herself wandering a lonely road seeking her son, who disappeared in the aftermath. She soon learns that she’s being accused of kidnapping her child and another accident that evening by her ex-husband Fernando (Diego Cremonesi) and Inspector Ventura (Osvaldo Santoro). Meanwhile, Dr. Hernán (Lautaro Delgado) tries to use hypnosis to help her remember exactly what happened that night.

Coming from Argentina — the home of films like Terrified and The Curious Dr. Humpp — and filmmaker Daniel de la Vega, this film is full of moody dread and palpable loss. Helping it along the way are the score by Luciano Onetti (who is part of the Onetti Brothers who made Francesca and Abrakadabra) as well as cinematographer Mariano Suárez’s (Daemonium: Soldier of the Underworld) eye guiding the camera.

As Cecelia tries to piece together the last three days, Enrique the priest who she was in the accident with is still looking for the ancient Catholic relic that was lost in the wreckage and will do anything to get it back.

It starts off slow, but stick with it. There’s something here, even if it isn’t perfect. Daniel de la Vega seems like someone who is going to keep putting out interesting horror, so I’ll keep watching his film.

You can watch this exclusively on Shudder.

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