Chattanooga Film Festival: Sophie In Furbyland (2021)

When Sophie Stark uploads her silicon artwork online — it takes the Furby toy of the past and reinvents it in organic and often disturbing ways — she becomes a viral success and goes into business full-time selling her creations.

I really loved Pacey Hansen’s film, as it makes one confront the expected nature of a toy from the past but when the expectation of what we see it as is changed by removing the fur or making it out of other organic matter, it becomes upsetting to some. When the familiar changes just enough, it edges toward horror, as if we skipped directly from Mickey Mouse’s first incarnation and then never saw the steps to where he is today. The streamlining would hurt our eyes.

You can learn more at the official Facebook page.

You can see Sophie Stark’s artwork on her official page and Instagram. To see videos of her work being created, visit her YouTube page.

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