Chattanooga Film Festival: Coherence (2022)

Directed by Patrick Scopick, this short sounds like 2000s Evanescence and goes completely over the top as a young woman wakes up from a nightmare and begins working her way through a strange new world. This feels — again — as mid-2000s Hot Topic as it gets and I say that with perhaps some nostalgia.

Just look at the description the filmmakers give: “A musical odyssey inside a strange world torn apart by psychedelic incoherence, where music alters reality.”

Wake me up indeed.

The artist whose music makes up this short, A Band Named Desire, state that “The Laws of Nature are written by the act of Observation. If a mass hallucination were induced, an incoherence would be created. We would no longer be spectators of reality, but rather, the authors of it.”

You can see some more of the videos that make up this movie on their Instagram and YouTube pages.

There’s definitely some talent from everyone in this. And it’s definitely earnest. Your mileage may vary based on how much Nightwish and Lacuna Coil you’ve listened to.

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