Tubi picks (week 9)

Welcome to another week of movies to watch on Tubi.  Do you have some that you’d like to share? Get in touch because I’d love to share your picks.

1.  And God Said to Cain: TUBI LINK

Less Western than a straight up Gothic horror film, with Klaus Kinski’s character nearly a ghost, continually followed by gusts of winds and tolling bells as he returns to get his bloody vengeance.

2. Aenigma: TUBI LINK

What if Lucio Fulci made his Carrie and was kind of old and tired, but still willing to do some crazy stuff? What if indeed.

3. Terror at Red Wolf Inn: TUBI LINK

This movie has many names — Terror House, Terror at Red Wolf Inn or Folks at Red Wolf Inn — but it’s a singular film that comes from another world much stranger than the boring one we’re stuck on.

4. Day of the Animals: TUBI LINK

If your day has been bad, let me tell you, this movie has Leslie Nielsen rip his shirt off, goad a bear into a fight and then get obliterated. I think about it all of the time.  A movie filled with humans losing their fucking minds and animals ready to make them bleed for it.

5. They’re Playing with Fire: TUBI LINK

I hate Eric Brown. In the 80s, he got to get naked on screen with both Sybil Danning and Sylvia Kristel. No one deserves that many good things to happen to them. Also: this movie is not based on reality at all.

6. Private Lessons: TUBI LINK

Let’s just have an Eric Brown double feature then. Let’s compound the sadness. Let’s wonder why the 80s made so many problematic movies when in truth, they made movies like this because people wanted to see them.

7. Screamers: TUBI LINK

Underwater creatures killing people, voodoo, Atlantis and Barbara Bach. Need anything else? A person turned inside out? They threw that one in for free.

8. Over the Top: TUBI LINK

Trucks. Bad dads. Loggia. Stallone. Terry Funk. The strap.

9. Heart of Midnight: TUBI LINK

An American giallo that’s not afraid to get real weird in the best of ways. Vestron released some wild stuff and this may be amongst its oddest.

10. Deathsport: TUBI LINK

Sure, it makes no sense, but it’s a motorcycle sword post-apocalyptic movie with Richard Lynch and Claudia Jennings and that’s good enough for me. It should be good enough for you too.

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