Junesploitation 2022 recap

I was excited to take part in the 10th annual Junesploitation, a month-long celebration of exploitation and genre films that’s sponsored by F This Movie!

To see the 2021 recap, click here.

Here are the movies that we watched!

1. Space! The Philadelphia Experiment

2. Westerns! The Price of Power

3. Kung Fu! Zui hou nu

4. ‘90s Action! High Risk

5. Free Space! Curse of the Blue Lights

6. Slashers! Stripped to Kill 2: Live Nude Girls

7. Shannon Tweed! The Surrogate

8. Cars! Cannonball Run II

9. Monsters! Fungicide

10. Sex Comedy! Mr. Galactic

11. Free Space! Pushed to the Limit

12. Prison! Penitentiary II

13. Italian Horror! Ring of Darkness

14. Blaxploitation! JD’s Revenge

15. Bugs! Ticks

16. ‘80s Action! Miami Golem

17. Fulci! Nonostante le apparenze… e purchè la nazione non lo sappia… all’onorevole piacciono le donne

18. Cannon! Sinbad of the Seven Seas

19. Free Space! Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

20. Regional Horror! Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

21. Jackie Chan! Lung Hing Foo Dai

22. Lethal Ladies! Personal Vendetta

23. Giallo! Death Occurred Last Night

24. ‘90s Comedy! BASEketball

25. Revenge! The Quick and the Dead

26. Free Space! Blood on Méliès’ Moon

27. Albert Pyun! Brainsmasher

28. ‘80s Horror! Rawhead Rex

29. Sword and Sorcery! Hearts and Armour

30. DTV! 555

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