El Monstruo Resucitado (1953)

Miroslava was born Miroslava Šternová Beková in Prague, Czechoslovakia and in 1941, er family moved to Mexico to escape the war. After she won a national beauty contest, she made tons of movies in her adopted country and three in America — Adventures of Casanova, The Brave Bulls and Stranger on Horseback — and her final movie was Luis Buñuel’s Ensayo de un crimen (Rehearsal for a Crime).

A few months after making that movie, she took sleeping pills and died, being found in the morning clutching a photo of bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. The rumor is that she really was holding a photo of actor and comedian Cantinflas, but to stop any scandal, the photo was switched.

In this film she plays a reporter named Nora who becomes involved with plastic surgeon Dr. Ling (José María Linares-Rivas), who is truly a monstrous shape of a man who quickly falls in love with her. He then decides that she can never love him and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy by bringing a suicidal man named Ariel (Carlos Navarro) back from the dead, just in time for that man to fall in love with Nora.

Directed by Chano Urueta (El Baron del Terror), this movie was based on the Universal Frankenstein movies while adding in surgical scenes, which had to have inspired René Cardona, who made so many movies around doctors conducting bloody experiments. There’s some great makeup in this, lots of dark and foreboding mood and a pretty good story as well. If you like classic American black and white horror, you’ll like this too.

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