Chattanooga Film Festival: Cryo (2022)

Five scientists — 001 the engineer (Curt Doussett), 002 the psychologist (Jyllian Petrie), 003 the biochemist (Morgan Gunter), 004 the soldier (Mason D. David) and 005 the doctor (Emily Marie Palmer) — wake from cryosleep with no memories of who they are, how they got where they are and even how long they’ve been asleep. They soon learn that 000 the inventor (Michael Flynn) is gone, they’re sealed on the other side of an airlock and a killer — who may be one of them — is hunting everyone.

A student film by director Barrett Burgin and co-writer Mason D. Davis, this looks better than 90% of the movies that come my way for review. It also has a stronger plot, better tension and moments where I genuinely was surprised by the turns that the film makes.

After exploring the area they are trapped in, objects that change reality show up, such as a bloody machete and a copy of The Divine Comedy. Some of the crew starts to hear sermons in their head. It seems as if the inventor is nearly a god to them as they debate how they can find his presence. And as they have no idea what has happened outside, they fear leaving the security of these four walls, even if they contain a killer.

That said — the movie could lose thirty minutes and not suffer for it. But for a first effort, it looks beyond polished and I’d have no idea that it was a freshman effort were I not informed. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Want to see it for yourself? It’s now playing as part of the Chattanooga Film Fest. Virtual tickets are available at

This movie will be released by Saban Films in theatres this weekend and it will appear on VOD and digital June 28. Want to learn more? Check out the official Facebook page.

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