I’m always looking for more writers to be part of the site. Sure, it doesn’t pay, but I’m willing to let you write about just about any movie that you want to, at any length and in any style or format. The site gets around 1,200 visitors a day and I share the reviews on Letterboxd, IMDB, Amazon, Rotten Tomatoes, Facebook and Twitter, so your work will get an audience. writerswanted2

For the rest of June, the following theme weeks will appear:

  • June 26-July 2: Animals attack

July 2022

  • July 3-9: Superheroes (and please go for the weirdest ones you can!)
  • July 10-16: Movies with tough and empowered heroines
  • July 17-23: The movies of Jose Larraz
  • July 24-30: Arnold Schwarzenegger birthday week

August 2022 and up to September 10 (and maybe longer) 

All Cannon, all month long, concentrating on the Assonitis-Globus-Pearce, pre-Golan and Globus, Dewey-Friedland and 21st Century eras. Need some help? Check out this list.

You can always send your pitch my way and I’ll see if it fits the site.

If you want to be part of the site, just email me at bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com. I look forward to having you write for us and am easy on deadlines, have no limit on word count and am really excited to help you either get a new audience for your site or write about movies for the first time.

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