El jinete sin cabeza (1957)

Chano Urueta’s (El Baron del TerrorThe Headless Horseman is that most rare of all mixed genres, the horror western, a story of a secret brotherhood of skull-masked and long-robed killers who rule the farms with a bony hand until the Zorro-esque hero called El Jinete– with a mask that makes him look headless — stands up to them.

This movie is outright odd as it has musical numbers out of nowhere, something that happens often in older Mexican horror movies as often as they do in Bollywood films.

It’s also part of a series of films, preceded by El Tigre Enmascarado and followed by La Marca de Satanás and La Cabeza de Pancho Villa. It’s the kind of movie where a handsome man can start a song in a jail cell and instantly his mariachi bands can appear and help him do the song but not escape his bars.

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