The Long Rider (2022)

Filipe Leite — who shot most of this footage — leaves behind his adoptive home of Canada to travel from Calgary all the way to Brazil riding his two horses Frenchie and Bruiser. He’s following a trail inspired by Aimé Tschiffely’s 1925 equestrian journey that will take him eight years to travel as he adds up 15,000 plus miles across twelve countries.

The travels were supposed to be shorter before the trail inspires Fellipe to go even further. Along the way, he deals with bad weather, corrupt border patrols and horrific weather conditions, all so that he can make the journey to his destination and then head back home, alone on the trail.

Filipe is a world-renowned Long Rider, an award-winning journalist and a best-selling author of Long Ride Home and Long Ride to the End of the World. He’s also the youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback, an accomplishment celebrated by two statues of Fellipe being displayed in his native Brazil.

The Long Rider was directed by Sean Cisterna, who also made Blood CreekWar of the Dead and Kiss and Cry. This is an interesting idea for a film and quite the story. Trust me, I don’t think I could do what Fellipe has done.

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