The Expat (2021)

A former Marine with PTSD is on vacation in the Philippines, a place of sun, romance and murder, as someone is stalking and killing each woman that he get close to, making him the lead suspect in the series of serial murders.

The first film by director Gregory Segal, the murders don’t take the main focus of the movie, as part of it is a detective named Cruz (Mon Confiado) looking for the killer while the marine (Lev Gorn) moves to a smaller island and falls for Delilah (Lovely Abella), a girl who doesn’t fall into his bed as easily as all the others. Cruz soon follows and together, they come up with a plan to capture the real killer.

This isn’t a by the numbers murder mystery and takes great advantage of its location. It’s definitely worth a watch and Segal shows great promise for just his first film.

When asked about the movie, Segal said, “Though I am quite familiar with life in the country, making a film in the Philippines as a first-time feature writer/director was my privilege. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best actors a first-time director could hope for, from both the United States and the Philippines. We tried to tell an even-handed story, seeing the world and its problems not just through an American lens, but acknowledging that viewpoint is just one way to experience the mysteries that people encounter in life. Having been able to wrap up this philosophy in a storyline that is hopefully engaging and suspenseful to people everywhere, I can only feel fortunate for having such a great international team, from my cinematographer all the way down.”   

The Expat is available to rent and own on global digital HD internet and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media.

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