TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Obsessed to Death (2022)

Cassie Childs (Holland Roden, MTVs Teen Wolf) has lost her boyfriend Austin (Colton Royce) to fitness guru Summer Ray (Kathryn Kohut, Spare Parts) and instead of just getting over it, she starts stalking her and trying to get involved in her online spin classes at Levitate.

Despite every single person in her life warning her that Cassie is insane, Summer lets her more and more into her life. If things turn out to be Single White Female riding a Peloton, but let’s forgive it, because this movie — like so many Tubi exclusives — goes for it. Like, if Austin has known all along that Cassie is so mentally unbalanced, why would he let her get so close to his girlfriend and even have a threeway with them and oh yeah, I just answered my own question.

Director Stefan Brogen has also directed the new Holly Hobbie show that’s streaming, as well as several Degrassi series, which makes sense because he played Archie “Snake” Simpson on that show. It was written by Jessica Landry and Rowan Wheeler.

Who knew that getting ahead in fitness meant poisoning so many smoothies and killing so many people? I was also going to ask why so many of Tubi’s Lifetime movies had scenes where the heroine and eventually villain have threeways together, but I think that it’s 2022, people miss Cinemax After Dark and yes, I just answered my own question again.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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