All About Evil (2010)

Following its world premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival and a limited theatrical run in 2010, Peaches Christ’s All About Evil disappeared. Now, it’s back and coming out on blu ray from Severin during their mid-year sale and then will start streaming on Shudder June 13.

After a scene that echoes Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? yet also has a small child urinating all over a microphone and electrocuting herself — set the tone! — we meet Deborah Tennis (Natasha Lyonne) — pronounced Deb-or-ah — who takes over her late father’s cinema and attempts to keep his dream alive. After disposing of her wicked stepmother (Julie Caitlin Brown), Deborah transcends her quiet librarian origins and discovers that she has a gift for cinema. Snuff cinema, that is.

With the assistance of her projectionist Mr. Twigs (Jack Donner, The Night God Screamed), identical and insane twins Veda and Vera (Jade and Nikita Ramsey) and Adrian (Noah Segan), she takes the Alamo Drafthouse pre-movie PSAs to the next level and creates short films during which she murders those who either annoy her or get in her way, making it look like Herschell Gordon Lewis gorenography. After all, the security camera footage of her first murder goes perfectly with Blood Feast.

As Deborah and the theater grow in popularity, the murders increase in frequency and intensity, including sewing a librarian’s (Mink Stole!) mouth shut. The theater also begins to fascinate a high school movie nerd named Steven (Thomas Dekker, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) while upsetting his mother (Cassandra Peterson!).

If a warped director making a torture movie called A Tale of Two Titties — starring a guillotine — makes you laugh, if a marquee displaying Blood Orgy of the She-Devils makes you feel the vapors, if you like to see good people meet bad ends from worse people, All About Evil was made just for you.

This goes on sale this Friday from Severin. It comes with an exclusive slipcase, audio commentary with writer/director Joshua Grannell (Peaches Christ) and actors Thomas Dekker, Ashley Fink, Jade Ramsey and Nikita Ramsey, a making of feature, a roundtable discussion, Evil Live: The Peaches Christ Experience In 4D World Premiere At The Castro Theatre in May 2010, Grindhouse short film, a second behind the scenes featurette, a trailer, teaser, bonus soundtrack CD and a bonus booklet The Tour De Fierce Diaries: On The Road With All About Evil by Michael Varrati.

Peaches Christ herself will present the film at “Peaches Christ 4-D Screenings” along the West Coast, including the Los Feliz 3 in Los Angeles on June 9 and the Victoria Theater in San Francisco on June 11 where the film was shot. Fans in Los Angeles can also attend a blu ray signing event at Dark Delicacies on June 12 with Peaches Christ and members of the cast.

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