A Sexplanation (2021)

A Sexplanation is just your typical queer, Asian American, comedic sex education documentary about the universal search for love, connection and family acceptance. It’s also the story of 36-year-old health reporter Alex Liu and his quest to uncover the naked truths, hard facts and no small amount of awkward moments.

As he makes conversation with psychologists, sex researchers and even a Jesuit priest, Alex explores why sex has always caused him — and so much of America — so much shame. After all, he learned that only abstinence would make him a good person, which suppressed his sexuality and made the fact that he was gay very troubling for him.

As he learns that comprehensive sex education is the answer, he also finds out that it’s finally time to have the talk with his parents.

Liu, who directed and co-wrote this movie with Leonardo Neri, said “A Sexplanation follows my quest to confront my sex education — by finally getting a real one.

Growing up, sex felt shameful. My parents never brought it up. School focused on disease, pregnancy, and abstinence. By my 30s, I was surprised by how much shame I still carried. After talking with friends, I realized I wasn’t alone.

The film documents my attempt to strip away this shame, no matter how awkward it might get — even masturbating in an MRI machine (for science!).

Through honest conversations with scientists, educators, and even my parents, I try to uncover some naked truths and hard facts that will get us to a healthier, sexier future.”

Alex is a funny guy and he takes what should be a subject that makes people blush at best and upset at worst and treats it with kindness and humor. This documentary moves so quickly and gets across some great information. It could even be a weekly show and I’d watch every episode. The graphics and editing highlight the main points of the movie too.

You can learn more on the official website and Facebook page for A Sexplanation.

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