Jessie and the Elf Boy (2022)

Jessie (Julia Brown) is a teenager who wants to become a famous hairstylist just like her mom Valerie (Gail Watson). She has a secret to the unique haircuts that she creates: her invisible partner is Ghillie Dhu (Huck Whittle), a forest elf who loves cutting human hair.

Set in Edinburgh, Scotland, this is a fun family story about an elf seeking a lost childhood friend, a daughter seeking for her mother to care about her and discovering how to transform your art into a career.

Directed by Phillip Todd, who wrote the script with his brother Matthew and Lindsey Stirling, this movie was a nice bit of happiness and cheer in the midst of the usual violence and sleaze that plays in this house.

I think that kids that watch this will enjoy seeing how Jessie stays positive despite rejection and hardship, devoted to making her life better and somehow connect with a mother who seemingly only cares about her own career. I’m sure you’ll figure out who the girl that Ghillie Dhu used to play with that moved to the big city really is, but this is such a fairy tale — literally — that I figure that you won’t mind at all.

While it has a lower budget, the film makes the most of its setting, cast and special effects. And yes, it may be a family film, but it kept me watching.

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