Human Factors (2021)

Nina and Jan (Sabine Timoteo and Mark Washcke) own an ad agency together and trust me, that brings nothing but stress, particularly with the politically active client they just got hired by.  To escape getting burned out, they take their kids Max and Emma (Wanja Valentin Kube and Jule Hermann) to their seaside vacation retreat, a place that usually offers relaxation but a home invasion makes things way worse and they may not get better.

Beyond just seeing the incident once, we see it from every member of the family, as well as discover the tensions behind the client that Jan didn’t tell Nina about. Max may only be concerned with his pet rat Zorro, but his sister Emma is devastated by the event, which may not have impacted other members of this not-so-tight family unit in the same way.

Director and writer Ronny Trocker has created an interesting movie here that forces you to examine a very simple moment through its very complicated characters. It’s definitely worth your time to track this down.

Human Factors is available on digital from Dark Star Pictures.

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