VCI BLU RAY AND DVD RELEASE: Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 (2022)

J.D. Feigelson wrote the screenplay for the TV movie Dark Night of the Scarecrow more than forty years ago and now, it’s finally time for a sequel. This time, he both directed and wrote the film, whereas the original was directed by Frank De Felitta (the writer of Z.P.G.Audrey RoseThe EntityScissors and more, as well as the director of Killer in the MirrorTrapped and The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan).

Can it measure up to a film that many see as a true classic?

Chris Rhymer (Amber Wedding) and her young son Jeremy (Aiden Shurr) have recently moved to a small town in Stubblefield County. Their very arrival is a mystery to the close-knit town; after all why would someone move from the big city to their little town and be content to work in a country store?

While Chris tries to build a new life, Jeremy grows closer to the older woman who watches him after school every day named Aunt Hildie (Carol Dines) and also begins speaking to an imaginary friend that he refers to as Bubba. Chris is losing track of everything in her life and finds herself confiding in the worn scarecrow in the field, telling it all the secrets of her life while placing a flower in its lapel, a flower that’s returned to her as she sleeps.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Hildie is using Jeremy to reach the spirit hidden within the scarecrow, just as Chris’ past comes back with tragic results, as it turns out that Chris was in witness protection and she’s been found.

Unfortunately, while the movie attempts to remind us of the first film, it in no way can match it or even add to it. Whereas the original only hinted that perhaps something supernatural was happening, the sequel fully invests in the idea that Bubba is inside the scarecrow. I don’t expect that past cast to come back — most of them died in that film and are also sadly no longer with us — but I have such a strong feeling and adoration for the original that this feels like an unwanted hanger-on.

I wanted to love this movie. Sadly, it fell quite far from the mark. It may have had a lower budget than the 1981 TV movie, a move that makes the most of its budget with effective filmmaking and assured direction.

You can get this VCI-released movie from MVD in either blu ray or DVD.

One thought on “VCI BLU RAY AND DVD RELEASE: Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 (2022)

  1. Dear reviewer, you understood the context of the movie, but not the spirit. This is a stand alone thriller in which the Scarecrow is already known from the first movie. You probably didn’t get the dark humor either, i.e. the eyeball, the second shoe dropping, etc. You most likely didn’t read the cover which says, this is a Supernatural Thriller. Nowhere does it say Horror. All in all, this is a beautifully crafted yarn which you couldn’t understand because of your attachment to DNOTS-1. To be a critic is easy – to be a filmmaker is hard.


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