They Talk (2021)

Alex (Jonathan Tufvesson) is a sound engineer who has accidentally recorded supernatural sounds while shooting a documentary. The voices that he’s captured may not sound human, but they are trying to warn him about someone or something, With a past filled with mystery and a future filled with dread, Alex is haunted by what he has found. Amanda (Rocío Muñoz) shared a past with Alex and a secret, and when she comes back into his life, she also brings numerous dead bodies. Is she the danger he’s been warned about?

Director Giorgio Bruno has put together a film that looks and sounds gorgeous, yet really doesn’t do anything you haven’t seen before. That’s fine — it does have some genuinely wild kills, a bravura moment where a nun is lit ablaze and is way more professional than 99% of the movies you find streaming these days.

I’ve often discussed the sad fact that the Italian horror industry died off by the 90s, but if the films that come out of the country keep looking this good — and can start embracing the off the rails insanity that they once did instead of looking to Hollywood for what’s frightening — then perhaps a comeback can be discussed.

Until then, there are moments in this to enjoy.

They Talk (also They Talk to Me) is available on VOD and DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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