Breath (2022)

Lara Winslet (Rachel Daigh) may be an expert geologist in volcanology, but when an accident at work leads to her falling inside a hole where no one can neither see nor hear her, she’ll need more than her intelligence to survive.

This movie proves to me why I never leave our movie basement because nature is frightening. Then again, you would think that a geologist would know better. Maybe she was obsessing on the affair she’s having with Adam (Neb Chupin) or how her father Nick (James Cosmo, BraveheartHighlanderGame of Thrones) has been the one really raising her daughter. But really, she needs to get out of that hole and away from that snake.

If you enjoy human against nature movies, this is for you. Daigh is pretty much the only actor on screen for long stretches and handles herself quite well.

Director John Real (The Beginning: Feel the DeadObsessio), who co-wrote this with his sister and usual writing partner Adriana Marzagalli, has set up a challenge for himself shooting nearly all in one location with one actor, something many more experienced creatives would shy away from.

Breath is now available from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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