The Crusaders #357: Experiment in Evil! (2008)

Furie! The Ace of Spades! Twilight! Sergeant Liberty! Dave!

They’re The Crusaders, a hero human team out to protect the world from evil and their movie looks like a comic’s pages being flipped. I liked the effect, even if it’s distracting at times, and the movie felt like watching a night of the old RPG Champions.

Director Robb Wolford has only made this movie, but I’d really like to see what else he can do. This has a lot of storylines going on but really has the look and aura of a 70s Marvel book.

It’s not perfect and overreaches past its budget, but it has heart. This is made by people who love comics and not commerce. With bad guys like The Seven Heads of the Beast (Zuromachi, Death Rattle, Countess Bathory, The Gorgon, Uncle Smiley, Dr. Omega and Speedtrip) and The Moguls of Doom (Warlock, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Dr. Psycho, Captain Slaughter, The Masked Crusher, The Ogre and The Proletariat), as well as a plan to kill thousands on Christmas Eve, this is a high stakes superhero movie no matter what the cost to make it may have been.

So how about the next issue?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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