APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 24: Karzzzz (2008)

Karzzzz is a remake of the 1980 1980 Indian Hindi-language movie that was based on The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, although influenced by Indian beliefs on reincarnation. While not a big movie upon release, Karz has grown in influence over time, inspiring remakes like Yuga Purusha; Enakkul Oruvan and this film, as well as Chances Are.

In fact, the original movie is so well-thought-of that even the titles of songs from that movie ended up becoming movie titles. Dard-e-dil, Paisa Yeh Paisa, Main Solah Baras Ki, Ek Hasina Thi, Aashiq Banaya Aapne and Om Shanti Om all owe their origins to Karz.

Ravi Verma and Sir Judah have been battling over the rights to thousands of acres of vineyards and Ravi wins the court case, then marries Kamini, the love of his life. As they fly to meet his mother and sister, he doesn’t know that Judah and his wife are working together. She sabotages the plane and parachutes out, becoming a princess, leaving his family penniless and killing him.

25 years later, Monty is a rock star in South Africa, but he has memories of a life he’s never lived. He’s in love with Tina, but must discover what Kamini means to him, how he can reclaim his past and save his mother and sister.

Karzzzz was not well-received but I wanted to cover it because it’s amazing that The Reincarnation of Peter Proud had an influence long after it left American theaters, even if it isn’t in its home.

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