Children of Sin (2022)

After being sent to Abraham House, a sinister religious retreat, Emma (Meredith Mohler) — who is pregnant — and Jackson (Lewis Hines) — who is gay — must escape and save their mother Tammy (Keni Bounds) from their stepfather Robbie (Jeff Buchwald).

Jackson wants desperately to make his mother happy, even trying in the past to get along with his abusive stepfather while Emma is always a rebel. Now under the watchful eye of Mary Esther (Jo-Ann Robinson), a religious fanatic who rules the house as she sees the Good News, Jackson agrees to pray away his homosexuality while Emma looks for a way out.

Director and writer Christopher Wesley Moore also made Triggered, which I really enjoyed. This slasher has its heart in the better stalk and slice movies of the past while using the politics and religion of today to create a story that has resonance. It does a lot with not much budget, including no small amount of blood as the film moves toward its conclusion.

It’s so frightening because I honestly believe that it could happen. Conversion therapy is insidious and I honestly feel that every day we inch closer toward an American Taliban.

Children of Sin is available on Amazon Prime. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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